Ride Rules

Rule No 1 : You have to embrace the Bum Gun.  (http://www.talesfromanexpat.com/how-to-use-a-bum-gun-with-video-tutorial/)

Rule No 2: Ride for Cambodia – It’s not a holiday.

Rule No 3 : you can usually barter the cost of a tuk tuk down by at least 50%

Rule No 4 : EVERYTHING in Cambodia is open to negotiation.

Rule No 5 : crossing the road in Phnom Penh – close your eyes and walk, don’t ever stop or slow down, it confuses the oncoming traffic.

Rule No 6 : don’t pay more than $1 for a beer in Phnom Penh, but paying 50c each during happy hour (to cool the burning chilli in your mouth) will lead to other more serious problems that can only be addressed by referring to rule No. 1.

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